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PRSP framework full name is PHP Rich Server Platform. As the name suggests PRSP is Rich. PRSP as an Open Source Project, formed January 2010. The core design concept from the Spring framework, Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) and the low-layer mechanisms OGSi so. At first PRSP Core for the projec...


OpenStruct OpenStruct – PHP framework for rapid web-development. Openstruct structures the code based on MVC pattern and lets developers concentrate on application logic. While remains lightweight it allows to expand its functionality with different libraries and classes (including these from Ze...

3个月前 发布


ZPortal is a system of Web-based technologies that provides rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise. Developed with the help of zend framework. Authentication capabilities (Sign in using Microsoft Exchange server) http://zportal...


GoldenGate is a Wordpress plugin that integrates Picasa Web Albums into Wordpress to make it easy to upload photos to Picasa and then feature them on your blog. It makes use of the Picasa Web Albums Data API. You might also be interested in the Wordpress Plugin Gallery entry for GoldenGate. The p...

framework de développement web orienté développeurs

Présentation Clair et fonctionnel Crée au début de l'année 2008 par deux étudiants d'un DUT Informatique, le framework "Bideew" (mot Wolof signifiant "étoile") propose une base organisée, claire et fonctionnelle afin de bâtir son projet web plus rapidement qu'en part...


Features: * Basiert auf zend framework und nutzt zend Json Server für die Verarbeitung der Anfragen * Json Client zum Testen der Abfragen dessen GUI auf Basis der SMD generiert wird * Paketstruktur und Plugins um neue Funktionalitäten einfach einbinden zu können * New BSD Lizenz zur freien Verwen...


A PHP form generator tool that support all kinds of implementations. Support zend Forms and Plain HTML + PHP forms. About RMT RMT stands for Redmar, Martijn, Tom. Who are the lead developers for this project. The project it self was an 'Patterns & framework' assignment for school. We choose...

2个月前 发布


Un petit framework qui fonctionne sous le modèle MVC. C'est un framework qui utilise un modèle de vues qui ressemble beaucoup au très sophistiqué modèle de Magento. J'ai tellement aimé le modèle de Magento que j'ai créé un framework qui utilise le même principe de blocs et de réutilisatio...


This is a simple Twitetr API > --- > To use your account ``` var t : Twitter = new Twitter(); // Log in with your account t.logIn( "username" , "pmypassword" ); // To know when the login is complete t.addEventListener( TwitterResponseEvent.LOGIN_SUCCESS, success );...


Welcome to Aero PHP framework Welcome to the temporary staging of the Aero the PHP framework. Aero is a lightweight PHP MVC framework modeled on the zend framework. The framework itself will just be MVC but there will also (in time) be an Aero Library that contain the other parts people are famili...

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