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MR Grid MR Grid is a Java/JSP web server application, that takes the well known molecular replacement (MR) program, Phaser1, and combines it with the power of Apple’s Xgrid technology.This allows a crystallographer to test more search models in a significantly shorter time, and reduce model bias...


Mar 23, 2012 The website has new how to information and everything you need to run the new version of phlawd. Oct 17, 2011 Please check out this link if you have any questions. Post questions there as well please. Oct 2, 2011 It is highly recommended that you work with the most recent s...


OpenCV-Java This project aims to provide convenient and rather complete Java wrappers with a "friendly" license for a lot of the functionality in the OpenCV image processing project. Contents Processing Integration "Processing is an open source programming language and environm...


Ac-Rec Java application based on Netbeans Platform for speech recognition research as part of my PHd thesis, this is a Netbeans IDE project with Mercurial versioning. The application uses the Neuroph, JAHMM, JTransforms and H2 libraries. I use this to do some of my speech recognition research for...


# MOVED the project is moved to github this site is no longer maintained # What is this? TCP TCP is slow. UDT is fast. UDT UDT is a reliable UDP based application level data transport protocol for distributed data intensive applications. UDT i...


WindmillD was created as a simple solution to the need for continuous test running on multiple machines on your network, but also the ability for specific jobs to be queued, run and reported on. The server is written in Python using SocketServer and has been tested on macosx 10.5, Ubuntu (32 and 6...


QVS è un programma che calcola le vincite al gioco del lotto Sono disponibili 2 rami di QVS: QVS - Programma utilizzabile da terminale QVS-GTK - Programma grafico scritto con le librerie GTK QVS è disponibile in 2 versioni: Normal Edition: in .tar.gz per i sistemi Unix (distribuito a...

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