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SDF 文件修补 perl 代码

SDF 文件修补 perl 代码 (1) 运行 > perl doulos_demo_sdf_pa.perl (2) 运行 > perl run_sdf_patch.perl...

perl for Win32 Build B515源代码


perl-aviation-utilities retrieve METARS and TAFs determine the altitude you need in order to glide a certain distance simple crosswind calculator MPH to knots converter...


This project aims to bring the music freely available on to a blog near you. Rather than going through the, this is a shortcut command-line script that reads in search terms and automatically posts the widget code to posterous. This was also developed in conn...


Device::Modem class implements basic AT (Hayes) compliant device abstraction. It can be inherited by sub classes (as Device::Gsm), which are based on serial connections. Things Device::Modem can do connect to a modem on your serial port test if the modem is alive and working dial a number and c...


This is a simple plugin for Pidgin which can bring an instance of Pidgin online and offline based on weekday and time. This is useful if you want to shift your presence from home to work or vice versa. This project is based off of the Office Hours plugin by Kev Green....


This simple script extracts from the Gaussian log file the partial charges calculated using the MK method and the atoms coordinates, and generates a pdb files with those coordinates, with the partial charges on the beta field....


This project is used for the development of the Net::MySpaceIm. Currently it is under development, but will soon also be hosted at CPAN. Please see the MySpaceIm wiki for more information....

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