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PopCap Games framework Version 1.3 Changes General * Removed support...

popcapframework1.3版,这是著名的PopCap游戏公司,不知道的话,祖玛应该知道吧,这些游戏都是用这个框架开发的,现在PopCap将它开源了!-PopCap Games framework Version 1.3 Changes General * Removed support for Visual Studio/Visual C++ 6. If yo...

Green-forest framework(绿林框架)介绍

翻译 maninwest@Codeforge 作者:evgeny.dolganov@CodeProjectGreen-forest framework (绿林框架)是个简单的 IoC 容器,具有Action(操作)- Handle(句柄)架构。它不是 Spring 框架或 JEE 的竞争者,而是这些框架的强大附件。你可以使用 Green-forest 进...


This project includes project template and target templates for xcode 3. For xcode4, see HOW TO 1. create a Cocoa Touch framework project or add a iOS framework target to a existing project 2. add a static library target for iOS device 3....

Pampa.Net - CRUD framework

Description Pampa.Net is a CRUD framework to develop ASP.NET applications based on listing and editing entities. It was thought to work in conjunction with Castle.ActiveRecord and works entirely with AJAX. What can I do with Pampa.Net? It is possible to list entities, define filters for the li...

Multi Tenant ASP.NET MVC framework

This framework enables to create extendable multi tenant applications that can be custumised for every customer without making any changes to the core website. Original vision is explained on the following blog post: This framework can...

Compact and simple framework/UI library for use in games and similar apps.

Turska is a compact and simple application framework & UI component library. It is especially meant for games which typically have only modest requirements for UI. The library is implemented for Irrlicht and OpenGL (optionally with SDL). Official project home page:

Cocoa framework for Stomp protocol

Stomp is an wire protocol , used by ActiveMQ. Stomp framework is an cocoa framework, written in Objective-C, which implements the wire protocol. Refer to HowToUse page for details on using this framework in your project....

framework Hexapodo, desarrollo rápido y sin dolor en PHP

framework Hexápodo Contacto Juan Pablo León Bazante * jpleon06(arroba) * juanbazante(arroba) * hexapodo(arroba) * hexapodo(arroba) * jpleon(arroba) * * twitter: @hexapodo Instalación para hacer la instalaci...

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